Our Story - Huemanly
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Our Story

Get to know us better


It started with an idea. Well frustration.

Throughout my career, I was convinced too many companies allowed complacency and disengagement to be the norm. I grew frustrated by the lack of truth, reality and meaningful interaction that business had become. I thought we could do a better job at building organizations to ignite that part of humanity that will always thirst for these.

Along the way, I saw too many organizations start out exceptional only to plateau as their passion fizzled. They fell victim to the promise of short-term results driven by profit that displaces purpose. Without the inspiration of something greater than themselves, companies faded into a “state of blahness,” repeating the same old actions, and expecting better results.

I fell out of love with marketing and realized my calling for branding. And just like that, the idea for Huemanly was born.

I believe great brands are built on something more powerful than profits. That branding had the power to inspire and revitalize, to move an organization from mediocre to amazing. That’s when I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life: build brands on purpose.

We formed a family of creatives, adventurers, and brand nerds who shared our philosophy of purposeful thinking, serving others, and growing multipliers. After many long nights and many virtual meetings, we found the right formula to build the kind of brands we believed in: brands that are clear, relatable and meaningful. We call them Purpose Centric Brands, and we wanted to share it with the world.

We believe every organization has the potential to see this kind of inspiration enliven their company from top to bottom and inside out, to leave behind the false allure of quick profits to become brand-focused, values-driven organizations that change the shape of their world.

Join us, it’s going to be an amazing journey.

Marlino Bitanga
Founder and CEO


To bring out the best in people, so that they can bring out the best in others.


A world where businesses are committed to making a difference for others, not just profit.


Make purpose the forefront of business.


Huemanly combines the words: hue (pure color) and humanly (within the scope of human means). Merged together, we think Huemanly means “to exist in the purest form”. We believe people search for greater meaning and sincerity in the brands they trust, and when organizations are clear about who they are and lead with their true colors, a powerful emotional connection can be made. It’s a way of thinking, behaving, and working.